When all words become inadequate.

And speech fails to prise open these lips .

Words retreat from the immensity of there Futile efforts.

And eyes become the new lips of communication.


  • By the artist:  I was christened with the name Stephen Paul Wilson.
    And born in Wansted hospital Essex England in 1954.
    And had a wonderful connection with nature from a very young age .
    Unfortunately I found schooling very hard and dropped out of education as soon as possible.Trying all sorts of jobs and finally settling down as a self-employed decorator.
    In March 1987 I discovered this artistic ability after practicing for some time yoga and meditation which stilled the mind enough to allow the Hidden talent to emerge.
    Only then did I start to feel there was a purpose to this life.
    I painted a huge amount of animals and dog portraits for people.

    Around the year 2014 I googled the question do I need a guru .at the time I felt the need for some kind of direction. Ramana Maharishis website came up and this was the first time I had ever heard of him or non duality.The question who am I was asked and deeply felt.There was a connection so powerful it changed my life.
    The stillness and silence became deeper and deeper.Whilst carrying out yoga and meditation which is now practiced every morning in a wooden cabin at the bottom of the garden .  I was deeply inspired to paint a portrait of Ramana. Up to then 1 May 2014. I hadn’t painted anything for some years apart from the odd dog portrait and wondered if it was still possible after so long.The portrait was painted on paper with ink in sepia .And from that moment it changed the frequency of love and stillness within me .His energy is now part of my existence and often times I feel his looking through these eyes.It’s difficult to explain and understand but somehow I know I’m truly blessed by his grace.In August 2018 I was inspired again to paint Ramana this time on a board in colour with acrylic that comes in tubes similar to oil paints .
    Which was a huge challenge as I only really used liquid acrylic a kind of watery Ink in bottles.It’s a totally different medium to work with.It was started and finished within three days and I was in Bliss the whole time.It truly was a magical experience and the nearest I could possibly ever get to meeting him in person .And It’s something I will cherish for the rest of my life.

    I haven’t painted since then but look at his Shining face and loving eyes each morning .Nowadays I find writing poetry and stories on my Facebook page gives an outlet for the creativity and love to flow .But who knows when grace will Create the inspiration to paint again.

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