Article by Sunil Goel

I’m not much of a person who can write anything. I have been dilly dallying with spirituality for the last decade or so. All for peace of mind. I was heavily into Vedanta going through the introductory texts one after another. Somewhere in between there was a reference to Bhagwan Ramana Maharshi’s philosophy. I picked it up immediately as I had reached a stage of intellectual understanding of “Aham Brahmasmi”. However I couldn’t relate to it. So started reading up voraciously on Ramana and got convinced this is where I’ll find my liberation. I’m an analytical person but was not able to reach the higher point under Vedantic studies. On my visit to Delhi, I visited Ramana Ashram and collected a few booklets and cds. Thereafter I got convinced that this is the final place where I WILL learn who I really am and be able to create distance from my secondary and temporary I. I’m not a devotee as my mental makeup is Inquiry and Inquiry. I think I have found my resting place.



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