The Making of a Book Dr Pallavi Kwatra


About a year ago, what’s app became very popular. It started picking up and was chosen by many to create groups which had like minded people. Around that time, I was a part of my medical college friends group and it came to my observation that there were a few of us who were more restless than the others on life and spiritual matters. So I decided to make a group which was called “The semi enlightened”. We started off as a bunch of 7 or 8 and we really did hit it off. Initially the shares were mostly links or sayings of great saints and inked us to procrastinate about our lives. Slowly we started raising deeper questions about our existence, the spirit worlds, quantum physics, Advaitha , the scriptures, the technologies to salvation, our own puny ways of describing God and so much more. We soon became unstoppable. Out of the 12 of us, one was nudging us with Bhagwan Ramana Maharishi’s  teachings and slowly changing my internal flavor. I was like a sailor lost at sea and these shares started compassing me and also setting my heart aflame with a longing to know about this sage who was direct, detached and overwhelmingly compassionate. I started reading books and literature on Bhagwan and the more I read; the more I longed.In the midst of this all…the spiritual confusions in me soared peak high. i had experimented with a lot of spiritual saadhnas and I still felt thirsty like a gullible fish in the mirth of water. Just a day before last guru poornima; Bhagwan made the advance at me through one of his beloved devotees. The meeting triggered me on a virtual pilgrimage to Thiruvanamallai and if that was not enough to quench me;I found myself travelling to Ramanashramam  against all odds. At the group; I continued to share insights and guidance from Bhagwan. At Thiruvanamallai…I meditated and begged Bhagwan to relieve me from this grave spiritual agony. Finding no satisfying returns from him, I felt disappointed …little did I know, I had been snared in his net. A few months down the line, I found myself in painful spiritual situations which sent me to meditation trips with Bhagwan appearing in took a while but he decoded all my knots and my spiritual agonies were set to rest. In the meanwhile, at the group, friends wanted our conversations to be compiled into a book. I took it up and started working on it. Internally I felt free and my spiritual practices started dropping away from me. I no longer wanted to lean on anything once the path was so clear before me. It was direct and all I had to do was shed my conditioning. With the document of the book put together I dint know what to do furthur with it. Pleaded for guidance and a publisher appeared. They did the book so rapidly that it all most swept me off my feet. Mr Pn Vijay, secretary, Ramana Kendra, Delhi prefaced it as a  outlet of his deep compassion. And hail! The book was ready and it had a showcase release on guru poornima day this year…exactly an year after Bhagwan had appeared to me. It is dedicated to Bhagwan as he very subtly charted out  this entire play of events… he played silent magic notes that hummed at my consciousness and inspired in me poetry and an awareness to a silent heart space where I was avalanched with cascades of compassion and divine love.. Thus is his subtle and silent power…the sage of Arunachala.

Namo Ramana.

Dr Pallavi Kwatra

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