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About Dr Pallavi Kwatra

Through a rich set of life experiences, Dr Pallavi Kwatra has been wandering through the matrix of time as a plethora of identities and connotations. Barely making any of her experiences as her personal insignia, and yet having sipped of them all, she remains a gay human who would rather remain happily lost in the maze of discovery of the awe of life rather than an intended arrival. An anesthesiologist by profession, she is dumbstruck at how the paradoxes are a part of every possible truth and how one can simply remain in the essence of simple beingness without the donning on of any specific identity.

Her near death experience in 2010 sparked off her quest which has taken her to many spiritual teachings, teachers, and experiences. She has devoutly practiced Buddhism, Yoga, Reiki, Tantra and Advaitha and yet at the end of it all, she remains in her own momentum of being. Her literary, intellectual and experiential perceptions take shape in her seven books and three crafted websites so far.

Books by Dr Pallavi Kwatra:
1. Be love: An anthology of love poems and couplets.
2. Musings of the awakening soul: 108 poems in a pictorial anthology.
3. Sajda: 108 pictorial couplets
4. Niyaaz: Pictorial couplets
5. 9 months: From involution to evolution.
6. Shambhavi:the Shakti archetypes
7. When silence speaks

Her crafted websites:
1. Drpallavikwatra.com
2. Sriramanamaharishi.org
3. Playofpixels.com