Poems by Dr Pallavi Kwatra

1. Ramana Maharishi: The Beckoning

When the magic of words is lost,

you replace them with mute exchanges.

So sweet is your fragrance,

I forgot my own.

I tread the path that leads to thee.

Will my stumbling steps find you?

You erase the paraphernalia of questions

and crash up my mental maze.

At the awaited confront,

what will I say to thou?

I travel moment to moment,

wonder at which corner you might appear.

until then…I sing your hymns

or still to a silenced state.

My journey might be a step away

or maybe miles to go before I sleep.

Distance and time are mere illusion

when you beckon with such loving charm.

2. Ramana…The  Martyr

Even though dead, through the buried deep,

Your fragrance still brims the winds,

The springs come to beg inspiration

And the rains to quench their age old thirst,

Many come to wail their woes

And go back embedded to peace.

This stilled detonation that lurks around you

Will explode all those who seek.

Your body has ashed to earth,

Your breath no longer flows.

Then what is this compelling tug

That encroaches and dissolves the silly “ego”?

What could be this immortal spirit

That fetches these people from faraway?

In ensuing days, I begin to know

From conversing voices

Around your grave.

They say,” you were a  patriot who loved all the same,

You were a true martyr to love!”

3. Arunachala… an intended pilgrimage unto the enlightened void

Life has a manner of passing by,

where seeking and striving are deep conditioning.

In the enthusiasm for results,

the beauty of the journey often missed.

Spirituality… another mind game

where striving to moksha, a high end pursuit.

the shortest routes in the fastest time,

is the most favored way.

I had intended to be on a pilgrimage

with a similar chaste desire.

In a meditative moment, an awakening dawned.

In the ambience of Arunachala,

beneath the gaze of Ramana,

all I need to do

is to surrender in silence

and be open to receive.

No striving, reaching or even talking,

Only ‘being’ is the qualified way.

So, I’ll come to you

and partake of your enlightened void







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