Talking Technologies by Dr Pallavi Kwatra


Talking  Technologies


In this world that we are a part of, there are so many conveniences at our behest, out of which communication across space is a major revolution of this century. Even about half a decade before, we could not fathom to be able to convey our minds so proficiently and promptly to a friend sitting on the other side of the globe and now we are able to hear his pealing laughter or envision him riding a camel in the Gobi deserts. Before our mind even plans it fully, our impressions are already alight on their techno carriers to be transmitted across . This is a situation which brings awe and horror both at the same time. While at one end, it has made us more global, more connected, more informed and more confident…on the other end, it has added loneliness, fears, anxieties, and unnecessary stress to our life processes. We are crippled without our communicative ammunition and almost as if jobless. A single day without face book and what’s app can sound like a death knell and make us feel  like a fish out of familiar waters. One could start feeling as ancient as the cave man and almost like a zombie from a distant planet. Our intellects are latched on to these supports like a dead man clings to his life. Even the threat of withdrawal makes one  jittery. If one were to wonder….what use must a good technology serve… it must make our lives easier and happier. Isn’t it? But here… we have become slaves and addicts. How many children today make the choice of playing outdoor sports or climbing trees or chasing butterflies over some grumpy Pokemon games, sordid face book posts, or watching porn or some mad English rap on youtube. Virtual is what we have made our life to be …whereas the retrograde is true… we are thinking and feeling beings who need to communicate in person, touch and eye contact. the warmth of sharing and the kinship of togetherness is what our hearts ache for. Even a 1000 likes can’t make up for a hug from a loved one. We have to resurrect our own individuality and re frame our choices of how our lives essentially should be. The process of life is happening to us unconsciously as we move quickly towards our demise. In its richness, life is offering us so much and yet; we fail to even give a glimpse to it. as we remain lost in our virtual entanglements.

Communication is a default function of human beings and they have always been proficient in their expressions… through art, music, poetry, photography, theater, and more… we have rendered a voice to our heart’s callings. These cannot be underestimated or made to go extinct in the face of the surge of technological offerings. In all probability, we have to return back to the basics of life… the simple pleasures of being in a lover’s embrace, a healing touch, a pat on the back or  a  mere affirming eye contact….these have to garnish our everyday lives and not Instagram or Face book likes. The potential of expression has to be nurtured like a sapling and tended to with awareness and consistent and conscious effort.

Last , but not the least, I wish to make a note of the greatest talking technologies of all times. something that has existed since time without beginning… and that is the magic of silence… in nature… so much exchange is taking place in the whole matrix and everything is yet so silent… there is no boasting or overt expression. It’s in perfection and spontaneity. Even in our own systems… the heart  or Anahata as it is called is the place of resting our deepest emotions and psychic paraphernalia… it’s in the heart that the lotus of divine love blooms without  a single sound and adds fragrance to our being. In silence…we can hear out signals from various astral zones and respond back in a instant and perfect way. The deepest mysteries are unfolded and all astral information is downloaded in the deep silence of our meditative moments. Silence is the perfect ambience for our innermost illuminations and realizations and where we truly can rest and recoup. True silence is not the absence of words, but a freedom from thoughts. it’s a placid lake without any ripples.

Replacing talking technologies with silent heartfelt exchanges is the way to restoring the beauty back to our lives.Bhagwan Ramana Maharishi, often initiated and taught through silence and thus used the most enhanced talking technologies of all times.



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